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The Pro Tiller™ Hydraulic/Remote Steering System is available for Backtroller models with outboards rated for 90-225 horsepower. See your Warrior Dealer for availability and compatibility of your motor choice.




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  Pro-Tiller™ Steering

Hydraulic Remote Steering
Developed by Warrior Boats for Warrior Boats

The Pro Tiller™ Hydraulic Remote Steering System is an electric/hydraulic system that eliminates steering torque and arm fatigue for the operator. Pro Tiller™ Steering was developed by Warrior years before competitors came to the market.

This proven system features a unique electric shuttle valve, which allows you to have two steering systems in one. When the electric shuttle valve is off, while the boat is not on plane, the steering system can be steered manually.

This is especially useful when trolling structure, or maneuvering in harbors. With the electric shuttle valve turned on, with the boat on plane, the outboard is steered by the Pro Tiller™ 3-switch XST Feather Trim Grip.

The Pro Tiller™ System enables you to handle your engine with ease and precise control.


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